DIY Ring Light for under $40

I made this ring light a few weeks back, and thought I would quickly share the tutorial with you guys. Its super simple and way cheaper than buying an actual ring light which can cost anywhere from $100-$300. This tutorial has the stand included with is awesome if you're not facing a wall and need a stand. Below is the full video tutorial that explains how to make it.

Wire wreath (18 or 20in)
aluminum foil
Paper towel holder
zip ties
crazy glue
LED lights (I used 2 for the 20inch, you can get away with 1 for the 18in) (I used
Power Adapter

I think you need to watch the video to better see how to make it, connecting the lights to each other is tricky. But feel free to comment below with any questions you might have.

Happy DIYing!

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