Weight Loss Goals

Happy Monday, everyone! I thought I would share my weight loss goals with you as well as some things I have learned that  have helped me to stay on track this time around. Like a lot of moms, it has been tough to control my weight after having kids, although I attribute the weight gain to the lack of full length mirrors in the house! No joke! We haven't had full length mirrors in our house since we've been married. Why do people own them? I guess to see how fat they look, because my clothes look exactly the same on as they do on the hanger.  So it honestly didn't hit me how much weight I had gained until I kept seeing myself in pictures and thinking, is that how big I am?

I hope to lose 50lb total by the time RJ comes back (ah thats hard for me to type). I know it seems ambitious but its completely doable. I wanted to share the biggest thing that has kept me on track so far and hope that it helps someone else who's also trying to get healthy. But, I also just want to be accountable and I know a few of you have already shared your weight loss goals. For people who are really in shape or really knowledgable this  isn't going to help or be anything new, but for those who maybe new to this, hope it helps...

Count calories! I know, so innovative. I cant stress how important this has been for me. There are so many good reasons to keep track of your calories. I always knew that the most basic thing in weight loss was burn more calories than you eat. Simple. However, even though I knew it,  I didn't understand it. Yes, the only way to lose weight is to simply burn or use more calories than you eat. So anyone can lose weight, even if you don't have a lot of time to work out. There are obviously bad and good ways to do this. Drastically cutting your calories and starving yourself would be an example of a very bad way to do this. I have been on a 1200 calorie "diet", I guess you can call it. It goes up slightly on days where I do intense workouts, but I try and maintain it in that range. So that might not seem crazy to most people, but guys, its so hard! For those who have done it, you know what I'm talking about. Here are some tips that have been keeping me on track.

Have a food journal. I do it in the form of an app called fitness pal. It sets my goals for me, adjust my calories for the days I workout, and keeps track of my nutrition intake. You would not believe how quickly 1200 calories add up, which means that I was regularly eating WELL over that. Just to give you an example....

Is that shocking to you?! There are more calories in 1 chipotle burrito than there are in a whole day worth of meals. I was shocked when I realized how quickly calories add up! I actually went to the chipotle website and typed in my meal. This doesn't include if you eat chips or if you get a drink, or if you eat ANYTHING ELSE that day! Crazy, right?! So it just goes to show how we don't understand portion control. Chipotle itself is not seemingly a bad meal, Its just a lot of food. So its important to keep track of what we eat, and I hope to eventually not need the app because it will become second nature to know how many calories are in things.

Be prepared to be hungry all the time. I am hungry ALL THE TIME. It suuuucks!! But its totally normal. You are going to be hungry. You are cutting your calories and your body is not accustom to it, it wants to eat. Drinking water helps big time, I have never had so much water in my life! It helps me to not binge eat. Just know that its ok to be hungry (not starving) and you don't have to give into it.

Withdrawals. They're real! I feel like an addict! I chew gum all the time (and i keep track of those calories too, because 20 calories in double bubble. What?! Childhood obesity, anyone?) it helps with my sugar cravings.

Don't be bored. If I manage to keep busy, I am less likely to think about food or the fact that I'm hungry. I have been doing projects like no ones business, so if i have a free moment, I'm doing something. A lot of time we associate hunger with boredom and eat just because. Making sure you have something to do will help eliminate that.

It suuuucks... Plain and simple! It sucks to cut your calories and it sucks to eat healthy. A big reason why I  failed in the past was because I wasn't mentally prepared for it to be miserable. People make weight loss seem like this awesome, healthy, cool club, and its not. Not even close. Who would choose a carrot over a donut? Who? If you said me, you're a liar. Theres a reason so many people are overweight. Its more enjoyable to eat stuff that taste good. So yes you'll see me eating a salad with no dressing, but hating every minute of it.

long term goals, not short term satisfaction. This is another tough reminder for me. I like instant results, if I weigh myself the next day and haven't immediately lost 5lb, I'm disappointed. I literally have to tell myself everyday, if you eat that today, you'll pay for it in a month. I have to deny myself today, to see results in a month. It is a process, but it will pay off. Its like they say, its a marathon, not a sprint.

It has been really awesome to just learn more about nutrition and what your body needs. I'm even taking a course on sports neutron and optimum health and hope to get certified. I don't think that being thin is the goal, but  being healthy. I'm tired of not being able to do active things because my body is so out of shape. But honestly the biggest reason for the change was my lack of self control. That has been such an annoying attribute that manifest itself in different ways in my life, the biggest being food! I have finally just had enough of being ruled by food. I don't think anyone is ready to lose weight until they seriously want to change, and sometimes it takes people a few tries, and thats ok. i think we learn something new each time.

If you made it to the end, bless you heart, that was long! But I would love to hear your weight loss goals or success stories. Share them below or email me! Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you feel it right back. We can do this! Our future self will thank us.

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Julie H said...

Where do I begin. Before my surgery and because I'm diabetic, I tracked my weight daily and kept a food log. I didn't weigh, measure or count anything, but seeing everything that I ate every day was enough to keep me focused. I need to get back to that and your post has encouraged me to do that. I'm not sure what my goal is, but losing 50-75 lbs would be nice.

I will be praying for you. I know the battles. Keep it up, stand strong. WE CAN do this.

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