Top 5 Christian Books for Kids

I have thought about writing this for a while. Theres a lot of really good books out there, but theres also a lot of really bad ones. Sometimes books are branded as "Christian" when they teach nothing about God or the bible, or maybe teach something contrary to it. So I am sharing the books I use on a regular basis with the kids. Mostly with Jed (4) because Luke is still too young to understand some of these but its important to start now with him too. So here are my top 5, I guess you could call them theology, books for kids. I have some really good fiction ones too but more on that later.

1. My first Read and Learn Bible
This is my favorite toddler bible. Its simple and easy read and not too long. Im hoping Jed will be able to read it soon and he can read it to Luke.

2. The Young Readers Bible 
I actually bought this at a yard sale! And it has been the best kids bible I've come across. He owns a few other ones but this is by far my favorite. Its the one RJ reads to him every night. It has the reference to where its found in the bible and the stories are very true to the actual scriptures. It also has characters in the front and who they are and a small theology section in the back.  

3. My best ever book of bible stories.
This is such a clever book. The last three books my mother in law sent me. This one tells the bible in a rhyme. Its super cute and Jed thinks its a lot of fun. Its also fun if you ever use puppets or little action figure to tell bible lessons. I enjoy reading it on my own because its so cute. 

4. My 1st book and more.

These last two books are what I would call childrens theology books. They focus on truths that kids can learn about God. This one is almost like a devotional. It has a truth about God and it explains it in a way kids can understand. We try to do one after our bible reading in the mornings.

5. Everything a child should know about God.

This is another theology book that makes it easy for kids to understand more about God. It explains things really simply. It talks about how God made angels, how God is holy, miracles, how the church began. It also has questions at the end of each truth, which is awesome. I think its so important to dialogue with kids so that they can hear what they're thinking and talk things through. Its an easy read too, so it won't take long to go through all of it.

These are the five books that I find really helpful in teaching the boys. We love books and sometimes it can be overwhelming to have too many so we tend to rotate them out. Kids, like adults, need to hear the same thing over and over to learn it. So RJ has actually gone through the entire kids bible a lot with him and he's memorized some of the stories. Its awesome to see him pick stuff up and start to ask  questions.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know some of your favorite books down below. I love finding new ones.

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