I am really excited to partner up with blogs, companies, and brands with similar interest. I have big things planned for this blog and I hope you will join me in that. As of now sponsoring is limited to a few spaces and is selective of things similar to what I write about.

10,000+ views for the month of May 2015
3,000+ subscribers via Google Reader, Facebook, Bloglovin', Instagram + more
Average 3-5 posts per week
All posts are listed via Google Reader, Instagram, Facebook, Bloglovin'

Large (300x400) for 30 days + individual spotlight post = $30.00
Standard Large (300x300) for 30 days = $20.00
Medium (300x150) for 30 days = $10.00
*Additionally, all sponsors will receive social media shout outs throughout the month to help further increase traffic flow!

Partnerships are one of my favorite things to do with brands. It is something that is mutually beneficial for both parties. I don't charge my partnerships for ad space. Each partnership is specifically tailored for each specific brand. Generally includes a product review, Large ad space, and frequent social media promotions on all platforms. Partnerships are an ongoing thing until either party decides to terminate.
Giveaways are a lot of fun both for the shop and readers. They are a great way to get your product out there as well as to gain traffic. I will hold no more than one per week, on a first come first serve basis.

   If you would like me to review a product feel free to email me! Not all products are accepted because either demand or not relative to my blog (i.e. I can't review diapers if I have no baby).

Thank you for your interest, if you have any more questions or would like to sponsor  feel free to email me. I know It's hard to grow a blog on your own and I am here to help. Even if you just have questions don't hesitate to email.

Email: daisygproductions@gmail.com
If you are emailing me regarding sponsoring please include SPONSOR on the subject line.

*Disclaimer* I may generate income from promoting  products on here. Please know that opinions expressed are my own, and I only promote something I have personally used or like. With that said, I will add on my post if and when it is sponsored. 

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